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So finally you find yourself in South Africa with the whole country to explore…but don’t forget you are also on the African continent too. Are you interested in touring the African continent but aren’t quite sure where to go first? Don’t worry; we will sort you out with little insight of where you might want to start your long awaited journey of touring the African continent.

Zanzibar: You can’t go to Africa and not visit Zanzibar. That alone would be a sin to Mother Nature.  With so many islands to choose from, you will have the best days of your time off. Zanzibar has exceptional historical places; some are still used even today, not to mention a huge variety of Zanzibar Hotels to choose from.

The ‘Hollywood’ of Zanzibar is Stone Town. This exceptional town has a lot to offer such as market places, historical and the significance of East Africa and its architecture. There are all sorts of water sports that you can indulge in and mouth-watering gourmets you can try. Zanzibar is the place to be all year around and you are guaranteed to have the time of your life no matter what season of the year it is. Be sure to search online because there are always some amazing Zanzibar packages available.

Botswana: Although Botswana faces two significant environmental problems, it remains a beautiful country to explore. Desertification and drought is a major concern for this landlocked country. Water is scarce and the little that the country gets is still not sufficient to sustain the population and nature of the land. Be it as it may, not all hope is lost as Botswana consist of of the largest elephants in Africa. Can you imagine how big that elephant must be? Neither can I.

Mozambique: Mozambique has been recorded as one of the deprived and underdeveloped republics in the world. You would expect such a country to give up with so many hindrances in their economy and growth. However Mozambique still strives on agriculture and chemical manufacturing. If you want to learn Portuguese, Mozambique is the place to go visit. Who knows? You might end up falling in love with the other languages such as Swahili, Makhuwa and Sena that are spoken in this Republican country.

South Africa: The first thing that comes to mind when you think about visiting South Africa is the diversity that you will find. The different cultures, customs, religions and languages are what make South Africa a unique southernmost country. The places that you can visit include Soweto, the Kruger National Park, Sun City and Cape Town just to mention a few. There is a historical importance in each and every place you set foot on and you are going to have a memorable, fun and informative expedition around the beautiful country of Mzansi.

Tanzania: Mount Kilimanjaro is the first place you will want to go visit when you are in Tanzania. Who wouldn’t want to go on the highest mountain in Africa? The mountain is actually a latent volcano in Tanzania. After a thorough medical check-up and proper research, you can find out how to climb the mountain. However you are advised to be mentally fit to climb the mountain as the journey is not for the faint-hearted.

There are many other countries you might be interested to visit in Africa. As long as you are up for an adventurous challenge, you are guaranteed to never have a dull moment no matter which country you set your eyes on sightseeing.

Countries like Lesotho, Ghana or Kenya are just some of the many countries you can explore. Africa serves one of the best dishes in terms of variety and that is not the only thing you can expect to find while touring these amazing lands. The diversity of different backgrounds, history, culture and all the diverse foods are all that’s in store for you when you touch base on the soil of the Mother of Mankind!

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