Safe Refuge in Cape Town

Bob’s Bunkhouse is a home away from home for most of our guests, that is the atmosphere that we like to create. Homely and comfortable, a place where you can put your feet up whilst away from home either on business or on holiday.

Addiction is a common struggle that many individuals struggle with, and here at Bob’s Bunkhouse we have some experience with individuals in recovery. We have had guest stay here for 3 months on one occasion that had just recently completed a a spell in a treatment centre for problems with alcohol, before moving on to a sober house in Cape Town.  Fighting the devil you know you know is better than fighting something you don’t know how to conquer. Below are some of the steps recovering addicts can take in order to get their lives back on track.
• Decide if you want to change – Although people may constantly advise you to change and actually pray that you do, it should to be a decision you take by yourself. Being addicted to cocaine and having friends that still do cocaine may lead you back to the dark tunnel you are trying to run away from. It is important that you commitment yourself to the change that you want to see in order to live a drug-free life.
• Find support – Support is not just going to a rehabilitation center. When you are a recovering addict, any source of motivation can do you a whole lot of good. It could be family, friends or finding something you enjoy doing that can take you away from any sense of negativity. Always surround yourself with people who understand your battle and are willing to show you a better path and support you while at it. Some sober accommodation establishments are registered with the tourism grading council while many others are not.
• There’s life after addiction – Every recovering addict will struggle to find their feet again. For an alcohol recovering addict, seeing the bottle will always bring back somber memories. The best way to beat addiction is to find other worthwhile things you can do with your time. Once you have found a hobby or gotten back to work or school, you will realize that life after addiction is endurable after all.
• Forgive yourself – It is common that when we think about our mistakes, a sense of intense regret will fill our hearts. It is for this reason that as a recovering addict, you forgive yourself for what you have put yourself through. This is the only way you will be able to move on to a better, fresher and sober you. Let sleeping dogs lie!

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• Don’t despair – Some days will be better than others and some will be worse. Once you understand that there are going to be days that will test your patience and attitude towards being free from any form of addiction, the better the results will be. Never forget why you started your journey to recovery. You started it so you can get your life back on track. The reason you started should always motivate you even in the darkest of days. A rehab in Cape Town is a good choice for those wanting to change their lives for the better.
• Never put yourself in such a critical situation – People don’t often realize the consequences of being addicted to alcohol, sex or drugs. The financial implications of having to constantly buy these goods will show on your budget. On some days, you might start using the money that was meant for important things just to quench your addiction thirst. The time you once had for your family and friends is also compromised. When you no longer have time to even play with your children and your children have to take the fall for your own doings, it is at such times where you need to take a stand against this battle.

Start today, it doesn’t matter how dark the clouds may look now but there will always be sunshine if you are willing to change your mindset. Recovering addiction can only work for an individual who is willing to pick up the pieces and make a change.
There will always be temptation but when you think about what you have lost or what you could lose, that alone should be reason enough why you never go back that route again.